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"I am completely blown away by the intentionality behind the Built on Values ® Culture Coach Certification development. The online program offered a deep dive into the winning methodology of the BOV Culture System, complete with engaging videos featuring Ann Rhoades. Throughout the course, you feel as if Ann is right by your side, guiding you through every detail of effectively implementing the BOV Culture in any workplace. The modules are well organized and provide a plethora of toolkits, presentations, and resources to ensure a seamless implementation. The fantastic thing about this program is that it is a relevant and value-added benefit for ANY level across the organization. The BOV Culture Coach Certification is NOT an HR or Senior Leadership Certification. It is an “I want a winning culture” certification. One of the best decisions I made this year! Kudos to Ann and her team"

Sheraine Gilliam
Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Capital Officer


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